Georgia mayor criticized for posting misinformation on Election Day voting

A metro Atlanta mayor got a quick lesson in social media exposure on Tuesday.

Mansfield, Georgia, mayor Jefferson Riley made a since-deleted post on his Facebook page that read, "Remember the voting days: Republicans vote on Tuesday, 11/8 and Democrats vote on Wednesday, 11/9."

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Riley made the post from his personal Facebook page, which identifies him as the mayor of the Newton County city of Mansfield.

Riley said it was a joke but others thought it was out of line.

"Sorry," Twitter user Nancy Bush wrote in a post. "May have been meant as a joke but a stupid and irresponsible one."

Riley deleted the post, but the exposure — and the screenshots — remained.

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On social media, some slammed Riley while others defended him.

"A Georgia mayor giving out incorrect voting info without a disclaimer," Twitter user @onestarr23 wrote. "Wow."

"How could you see this as anything other than a joke," user @Logan__Swartz wrote in a post.

Riley said he wasn’t trying to be ugly.

"People take things so seriously," he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "You can't joke about anything anymore — especially on social media."

But the spreading of misinformation about Election Day, how to vote and voting times has been reportedly used as a tactic in voter suppression. A Twitter account was suspended after it circulated false images encouraging Hillary Clinton supporters to vote by text or online.

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