Countdown to Election Day 2016: What you need to know Tuesday

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Everything You Need to Know Before You Vote

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

With 7 days to go …

Hillary Clinton returns to Florida on Tuesday. She'll speak to a crowd in Fort Lauderdale this evening. Among the themes she has been sounding: Insisting the FBI has no case and hitting Trump as being too "thin-skinned" to be trusted with America's nuclear arsenal.

Donald Trump will be in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Among the themes he has been playing up: Highlighting the renewed FBI probe into Clinton's emails, plus hitting Clinton hard on Obamacare rate hikes.

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Also, Iraqi forces are making a final push to liberate Mosul from ISIS hands. Watch for that to be a campaign issue today.

Where are Trump, Clinton going next?

Trump comes back to Florida on Wednesday. He will speak to crowds in Miami and Orlando.

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Clinton heads to Tempe, Arizona, for a rally on Wednesday. Vice President Joe Biden will be stumping for her in West Palm Beach, Florida, that day.

Also stumping for Clinton on Tuesday: Bill Clinton in Immokalee and Florida City; President Obama in Columbus, Ohio, and Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire and Maine.

Celebrity watch

Today and tomorrow, actress Aja Naomi King – best known for her roles on "How to Get Away With Murder" and "Birth of a Nation" – will campaign for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine in Florida. In Daytona Beach, King will join civil rights leader Congressman John Lewis and lead a "March to the Polls."

Hey ORLANDO!!! Let's keep working hard to get out the VOTE!!!

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Latest poll results

The poll in the headlines this morning is an ABC News/The Washington Post survey showing Trump edging Clinton among likely voters by one percentage point, 46 percent to 45 percent. Throw-in the margin for error and it's a toss up. The poll shows alternative party choices Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and Jill Stein (Green) fizzling, but potentially playing huge spoiler roles. Johnson is at 3 percent and Stein is at 2 percent.

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Stories that mattered most

For Clinton voters: Clinton unveiled a modern-day version of the 1964 Daisy girl ad focused on nuclear fears that Lyndon Johnson used to sink Barry Goldwater.

For Trump voters: Trump thanking Anthony Weiner and Clinton confidant Huma Abedin for renewing an FBI probe elicited cheers and laughs at rallies on Tuesday.

CNN made it's own news by cutting ties with former political analyst Donna Brazile, who is now interim head of the DNC. See why here.

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