Warren County murder suspect was on probation for spitting on deputies

Stormy Delehanty, the Warren County murder suspect to be extradited from Las Vegas in connection with the fatal stabbing of her husband, was placed on probation in April after spitting on deputies during her arrest in a drunk-driving incident, according to her lawyer and court records.

Delehanty, 27, was arrested at the Boulder Station Casino in Las Vegas after allegedly fleeing after stabbing her husband Roman B. Roshchupkin, 34, on July 6 at their home in the Mallard Bay Apartments in Deerfield Twp.

Before this, Delehanty was to return to Judge Donald Oda II’s court later this month in Warren County, according to Robert Karl said Delehanty, her lawyer in the 2019 case.

“Absent the alcohol,” Karl said Delehanty is “a very, nice, sweet person. Anyone who’s ever met her will say that.”

Oda was expected to review Delehanty’s progress with a drinking problem, Karl said.

“I’m very sad because she was doing quite well,” he said.

In the 2019 case, Delehanty was facing a felony charge of harassment of a law enforcement official, as well as a drunk-driving charge and three child endangering charges, according to court records.

While driving with three children in the car on Nov. 30, 2019, she crashed her car and went behind a nearby store with one child, leaving the other two in the car, according to Karl and a media report.

Oda granted Delehanty treatment in lieu of conviction on the felony and placed her on three years probation on the other charges, according to court records.

The judge also ordered Delehanty to comply with substance abuse treatment and a children’s services case plan.

Her drivers license was suspended for one year and she was fined $525.

Karl said Delehanty and Roshchupkin spoke “lovingly” of each other. He said Delehanty had worked for years for Fidelity Investments before losing her job.

Karl said she was managing a fast-food restaurant and holding down a second job to support the family, while an electronic monitor measured her continued sobriety.

He pointed to the difference between her booking photo in 2019 and one released for a nationwide search in July as evidence of the difference sobriety made in her behavior.

While having only spoken to them a couple times, neighbor Alexis Mills also indicated Delehanty, her husband, and children seemed like a normal family.

“They seemed really normal. They never fought,” Mills said.

Mills said she and her roommates saw or heard nothing the night Delehanty was found by her brother, who was living with them at the apartment, according to an incident report.

Before she was arrested in the Las Vegas casino, Delehanty was last seen in Utah. Authorities appealed to the public for help in apprehending her after she fled the state.

Delehanty was arrested on July 11 by the Las Vegas Metro Criminal Apprehension Team and is being held in the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada, according to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

Delehanty is expected to be extradited on a murder charge stemming from the fatal stabbing, according to authorities.

Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell said there was no connection between the two cases.

Fornshell said treatment in lieu of conviction cases are based on a defendant’s eligibility.

“Someone is either eligible for ILC or they’re not. If they’re eligible for ILC based upon their prior history and the type of offense, they get it,” Fornshell said in an email response.

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