Monroe council members carrying guns in meetings: What we know now

Monroe City Council is set to decide if it will permit its members to carry concealed weapons into meetings.

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Here’s what we know now:

1. A decision is expected today

The resolution is slated for a second reading and possible adoption at today’s council meeting. Council will meet at 6:30 p.m. today at the Monroe City Building, 233 S. Main St.

2. Monroe action could mark a first in county

If the issue passes on Tuesday, Monroe would be the first city in Butler County to allow its elected officials to carry guns at their meetings.

3. There are some exceptions to the rule

The city’s proposed resolution does contain exceptions. Those are:

  • council members cannot conceal carry a weapon in Council Chambers while Mayor's Court is in session
  • council members cannot conceal carry a weapon inside the part of the building where the Monroe Police Department is located
  • if the police department is someday relocated, council members cannot carry a concealed weapon into the future police facility.

4. Where council members stand on the issue

Six of the seven Monroe’s city council members have or are in the process of obtaining a concealed carry permit.

At its meeting two weeks ago, two Monroe council members said the resolution was not needed because the city’s police department is located one floor below council chambers.

5. A similar policy has been tried before in Southwest Ohio

The city of Wyoming in Hamilton County was the first municipality in southwest Ohio to approve such a policy in 2017, but ended up scuttling it a month after it was adopted.

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