Mike Fox, legendary Butler County politician, recovering after removal of a cancerous kidney

Former Butler County politician Mike Fox has survived an operation that removed a cancerous kidney, just months after a major heart attack nearly killed him.

Fox confirmed with the Journal-News that his left kidney was successfully removed, and "we are awaiting the results of further tests while I recover." The procedure was on Thursday.

INITIAL REPORT: Mike Fox to have cancerous kidney removed

In December, Fox nearly died after suffering congestive heart failure. Then doctors last month told him that he had a cancerous tumor in his left kidney, and it needed be removed.

Fox exclusively told the Journal-News before the surgery that the diagnosis was "pretty sobering" and was "a surprise" as he was recovering from his other medical problems. Fox is a man of many words offered just a few post-surgery, but said he appreciated the prayers and support from his friends and family, and the community.

Fox served longer in the Statehouse — nearly 23 years — than any other Butler County lawmaker and served for a decade as a Butler County commissioner. However, he pleaded guilty in 2011 to wire fraud and filing a false tax return and served four years in federal prison.

And now, he and his family are putting their faith in God as he goes through his recent medical issues.

“You put it all in God’s hands, and that’s all you can do,” Fox said before his surgery. “I just pray that he lets me hang around for a little longer.”

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