Middletown police officer recognized for life-saving measures at motorcycle crash

A Middletown Division of Police officer has been recognized for life-saving measures he administered at a crash scene in August.

Officer Adam Grindstaff received the department’s Meritorious Service Award last week for his act of heroism above the normal call-of-duty, according to police administrators.

Grindstaff was one of the first to arrive during the early morning hours of Aug. 12 for a crash at Yankee an Todhunter roads involving two motorcycles. The driver of one motorcycle was dead at the scene and the other driver suffered an amputation of his leg and was bleeding profusely.

It was Grindstaff’s quick action placing a tourniquet on the injured limb until paramedics arrived that saved the man’s life, said Maj. Eric Crank.

Responding Fire and EMS personnel said Grindstaff’s quick and decisive actions was key in saving his life.

Grindstaff has been a member of the MPD since January 2020 and was previously a Monroe police officer.

Crank said Grindstaff used a tourniquet that is supplied to patrol officers for use for aid on themselves or another officer if they seriously injured or shot prior to paramedics’ arrival.

“Often we are the first on the scene and can give aid immediately,” Crank said. “He (Grindstaff) used his personal tourniquet to aid the injured man.”

Crank said in recent years the department has hired recent military veterans who brought with them the idea of carrying tourniquets as part of first aid kits. Training was provided and officers also have access to online training for their use.

The injured man is recovering and said he would like to meet Grindstaff and offer his thanks in the future.

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