Ex-Miami U. officer on trial: Accuser sent racy photos to cops

Ex-Miami U. officer on trial: Accuser sent racy photos to cops

The trial of a former Miami University police sergeant charged with gross sexual imposition, kidnapping and two counts of abduction began Tuesday in Butler County Common Pleas Court.

Dustin Young, 36, elected to have a bench trial, which means Judge Michael Oster, not a jury, will hear the evidence and render a verdict.

The alleged victim said she became friends with Young and began exchanging text messages soon after she started working at Miami University. But the messages from Young became inappropriate and continued until the police investigation, according to an internal report.

The allegations against Young are that he pulled the woman into his lap and touched her crotch and pinned her against a locker on two occasions, according to court records.The alleged crimes occurred between Aug. 1 and Nov. 12, 2016, according to the indictment.

The alleged victim was the first witness and testified all morning.

In an hour-long video taped questioning session by Hamilton police detectives, the agency that investigated the case, Young said he and the co-worker had exchanged some text messages that were “probably inappropriate.”

“Flirting stuff,” Young said, adding they had a friendship that including talked about personal things and he gave her back rubs because she had “back issues.”

Young said in the interrogation video, “I am totally blown away by this whole thing … I don’t understand any of this.”

During further questioning, Young said the co-worker had sent him pictures of herself in her underwear after she had breast implants. They also talked about sex and what they liked to do with their spouses, Young said.

“I would always tell her, I would never do anything to offend you, this is just pure fun,” Young told the detectives. “We were both married.”

He denied ever grabbing the woman, pulling her into his lap, or pushing her up against the lockers.

Young said the woman also exchanged flirtatious texts with other officers.

“She has shown pictures of herself in underwear and bra to other officers,” Young told the detectives.

Two other officers testified Tuesday that the woman told them Young made her feel uncomfortable.

Young resigned from the department on Jan. 11.

He was placed on administrative leave on Nov. 22, 2016, after the co-worker filed a complaint against him.

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