Melissa Gilbert says Oliver Stone ‘humiliated’ her in ‘really dirty, horrible’ audition


Melissa Gilbert says Oliver Stone ‘humiliated’ her in ‘really dirty, horrible’ audition

As Hollywood continues to grapple with sexual harassment allegations, Melissa Gilbert says an audition with Oliver Stone left her in tears.         

A guest on SiriusXM's “Andy Cohen Live” on Monday, Gilbert described an encounter she had with the filmmaker, who directed “Snowden,” “W.” and “JFK.” 

Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls on “Little House on the Prairie” in the '70s and '80s, said while auditioning for the role of Pamela Courson for the 1991 film “The Doors,” Stone intentionally demeaned her.

At first, Gilbert hesitated to name Stone, telling Cohen: "There were moments where there were men in more powerful positions, one in particular, who humiliated me at one point in an audition, and unnecessarily, because I had embarrassed him in a social situation. He got back at me, and I ran out of the room crying. I’m actually sitting here telling you this story afraid to say his name 'cause I’m worried about backlash."         

Cohen followed up, asking if the director had humiliated Gilbert "in a provocative way."

"He had me read a scene," Gilbert said. "I had auditioned, and then he said: ‘I’ve written this special scene for you. I’d like you to do it with the actor. I want to see the chemistry with the two of you.’         

"The whole scene was just my character on her hands and knees saying, ‘Do me, baby.’ Really dirty, horrible," Gilbert said. "Then he said, 'I'd like you to stage it for me.'”

Gilbert said she refused and exited the audition very upset. 

“I left crying, and I never really talked about it," she told Cohen. "It was all because I had said something and embarrassed him publicly."         

Deciding to reveal her alleged harasser, Gilbert said, "It was Oliver Stone. And it was “The Doors” movie."

Stone's representatives did not immediately return USA Today's request for comment.

Gilbert told Cohen she believes the alleged act was in retaliation to an interaction she and Stone had at a club where the director was, she says, "ragging on television."         

"There was a bunch of people at a table, and he was talking about how television was crap and he would never do it,” Gilbert said. “Then, all these young girls came running over to meet me because they were watching ‘Little House on the Prairie.’ And they left, and he was sort of dumbfounded, and I said, ‘You see, (expletive), that’s television. That’s what television does.’ I guess he never forgot it.”         

Gilbert said while she remembered their moment, she didn't believe "it was that big a deal.”

“I thought I was just auditioning, and I did. I did a bunch of other scenes," she said. "And he said: ‘You know, I want you to stay. I’ve got something special for you.’"          

After her appearance, Gilbert tweeted her gratitude to Cohen Monday. "Thank you all. Especially you @Andy for helping me lift this weight off of my shoulders," she wrote.  


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