Mark Zuckerberg made $3 billion while testifying before Congress

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Mark Zuckerberg Testifies on Capitol Hill, Day Two

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

While Mark Zuckerberg was sweating under the glare of senators as he testified before Congress, the Facebook CEO was making a cool $3 billion, CNN reported.

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Shares of Facebook have increased 3 percent since Zuckerberg began his testimony. Zuckerberg, who owns 401.4 million shares in Facebook, became nearly $3 billion richer, making his stake in the company to $66 billion, CNN reported.

The company’s total market value has increased by nearly $23 billion since Tuesday morning.

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Investors in other social media stocks are also enjoying increased value. Shares of Snap, Inc. -- the parent company of Snapchat -- have increased more than 8 percent. Twitter stock has risen 5 percent, CNN reported.

Shares of Alphabet, the parent company of Google and YouTube, have risen 1 percent, CNN reported.

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