Manchester hotel nominated for National Register of Historic Places

The former Manchester Inn hotel in downtown Middletown will be nominated for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places, according to city officials.

Denise Hamet, Middletown’s economic development directer, said the nomination has been unanimously approved by the Ohio Historic Preservation Advisory Board.

She said the nomination has yet to be confirmed at the federal level, but indications are good that it will move forward. Hamet said the nomination by the state will enable William Grau, head of the Illinois-based group that is redeveloping the Manchester, to compete for historic tax credits to help defray the cost of project.

“The Manchester is an important landmark for Middletown and will serve as a key component helping to move our urban revitalization forward,” Hamet said. “The redevelopment of the Manchester has the potential to engage many elements of our community, including our college partners via culinary and/or hospitality programs. We look forward to having the doors open once again for community events and gatherings.”

Hamet said the city is also working on nominating the adjacent Dan Snider Ford building/Sonshine Building, which Grau announced plans to redevelop it as a micro-brew/brewpub.

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