Man regrets message on his truck offering 'any girl 18-45' a place to stay

A North Carolina man apologized after a message he wrote on the side of his pickup truck was construed as an attempt to lure vulnerable women, claiming it was a "drunken mistake," WECT reported.

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The message read, “Any girl 18-45 needing a place to stay call (his number). I’m a single white guy,” the television station reported.

In an interview with WECT, the man said his wife died several months ago and he has struggled emotionally since then. He said the message was on his truck for two days, but he did not think anyone would call the telephone number or take photographs, the television station reported.

"I don't know why I did it," the man told WECT, adding that he was considering changing his phone number. "I wasn't trying to luring in anybody. I was just out there. I didn't really think about it. I was drinking when I put it on there."

The man has since washed the message off his truck, the television station reported. He replaced it with a note that reads, “Wife died a few months ago, I haven’t been right since. I apologize for the writing, please no more calls.”

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