Man found in underwear in vent of Dollar General store in Pennsylvania

Credit: Justin Sullivan

Credit: Justin Sullivan

Police and fire officials said they rescued a man who became stuck in a heating vent of a Dollar General Store early Sunday, Erie News Now reported.

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The man was found in the vent of the east Erie store, clad in his underwear with burns on his body, police said.

Police and the fire department were called to the Dollar General just before 8 a.m., by the store manager. According to Erie police, the manager heard pounding in the store, and when police arrived they could not determine the origin of the noise. When emergency crews arrived, they found a man stuck in the ceiling’s ventilation duct, Erie News Now reported. Firefighters used a tower to access the roof and remove the man from the vent. On the roof they found tools that were used to pry the vent open, police said.

Police told Erie News Now they arrested the man and are investigating the incident as an attempted robbery.

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