Man beaten by bat hasn't been getting donations pledged to him, mom says

The mother of a Washington state man who was beaten over the head with a baseball bat said more than $122,000 in donations have not reached him.

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According to police, 18-year-old Julian Tui-Mau-Ga attacked 26-year-old DaShawn Horne from behind with a metal baseball bat on Jan. 20 while yelling racial slurs after Horne spent the night with the teen's sister.

Since then, LaDonna Horne said she has been at her son’s bedside in Harborview Medical Center.

“(It's been) three months and a few days,” LaDonna said outside the hospital Saturday night.

That's also how long a GoFundMe account -- set up for DaShawn by another family member -- has been receiving donations. To date, there is $122,105 in the account, but LaDonna said that family member refuses to release the money to her or to DaShawn.

“Who does that?” LaDonna said. “The funds are needed right now.”

She said she’s called Auburn police and filed several complaints with GoFundMe, but so far has not recieved any money.

“If you’re doing something out of love -- this doesn’t sound like love. This sounds like greed,” LaDonna said.

And DaShawn is days away from needing that love more than ever; he’s coming home next week and will need around-the-clock care.

“These funds were given to my son so I can take care of my son. I was told that my son may not be able to go to work for the next two to three years,” LaDonna said. “So with my son living with me, I take care of him, I feed him, I’ll be the one bathing him, I’ll be the one taking care of his bills and everything else he needs.”

LaDonna asked the public to stop donating to the GoFundMe account. She said she now considers it fraudulent.

An account has been set up through Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union.

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