Lucky number: Vegas chapel performed 70 weddings on 8-18-18

Credit: Rick Gershon

Credit: Rick Gershon

Numerologists love palindromes, and Aug. 18, 2018 -- 8-18-18 -- is the kind of date that is considered lucky to get married, KLAS reported.

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On Saturday, at least 70 weddings and vow renewals occurred at Chapel of the Flowers on 1717 Las Vegas Boulevard  to commemorate the date.

Couples from around the world traveled to the Las Vegas chapel, KLAS reported. Because of the date's numerical order, it is easy to recall the anniversary date in the coming years, the television station reported.

The number "8" is also representative of the infinity symbol, KLAS reported.

The next palindrome date will be Sept. 19, 2019, or 9-19-19.

Mark your calendars.

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