Unique aerial event returning to Butler County airport in early August

The Greater Cincinnati Radio Control Club’s Flying Circus is returning to the Butler County Regional Airport next month for one of the most unique aerial events in the region.

The 2019 flying circus on Aug. 3 and 4 will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and the 75th anniversary of D-Day with a special image of the moon landing for its circus pin and a re-creation of D-Day through model aviation. It will also be the 58th year of the event.

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Through partnership with the Champaign Aviation Museum, this year’s circus will have a B-25 Mitchell Champaign Gal which is available for a walk-through tour or a 30-minute flight before and after the flying circus. This particular aircraft never saw combat but was used as a training aircraft by the Air Force until 1958. The walking tour costs $5 and the flight costs $425.

The air show will feature acrobatic routines by helicopters, recreations of famous aerial battles, civilian aircraft, drones and even UFOs. Drones will be raced on a closed course, flown by pilots wearing headgear that receive video transmissions from tiny cameras on the drones.

In past years, creative flying devices like a flying stop sign, lawn mower, and an Iron Man have participated in the air show. Along with the annual D-Day recreation, four Boeing Stearman aircraft will come together to duplicate the Red Baron Stearman squadron.

The event’s highlight is the launching of the rocket-powered Space Shuttle, taking place at 4 p.m. on both days. Prior to the launch, the circus will honor war veterans.

The flying circus has been held at the Butler County Regional Airport since 2003. The airport is also celebrating a historical achievement this month. On July 13, it will receive an Ohio Historical Marker for the Hogan family’s ownership of the airport for more than 52 years.

Admission for the event is $10 per car and refreshments are available within. Attendees are advised to bring a chair and to wear sunscreen. This year’s profits will be shared with the Spina Bifida Coalition of Cincinnati.

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