N.C. high school clears student section during football game

School officials in North Carolina were forced to clear the student section during Friday night’s football game because of inappropriate behavior.

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Ardrey Kell Principal David Switzer sent a message to parents explaining why school administrators had to take extreme action and remove students from the game.

In the message, Switzer listed several reasons, including that a significant amount of students were allegedly intoxicated, high on drugs, spitting and throwing items at the band and shouting racial comments toward other students.

Senior Cameron Schmitt was at the game.

"A lot of my friends don't know why anyone would do that," she said.

She and her dad, Colin Schmitt, support the principal's actions.

"I think he did the right thing, these kids need to have consequences to their silly actions," Colin Schmitt said.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials said that students who break the rules will be disciplined according to the code of student conduct.

Colin Schmitt said students should be held accountable.

"It still reflects poorly on the school in general. I'm sure Switzer is going to take care of it," Colin Schmitt said.

The principal added that Ardrey Kell is one of the top schools in North Carolina and that the students and community deserve better.

Switzer said he knows all students weren't involved, but he did ask parents to talk to their children and let them know that type of behavior won't be tolerated.

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