Florida McDonald's manager accused of attacking customers

A McDonald's manager is accused of punching a teen who deputies say was defending his mother after the manager was rude to her.

Rafiel Morgan, 40, was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse, battery, and disorderly conduct, according to a Baker County Sheriff's Office report.

The incident happened Sunday night at the McDonald's in MacClenny.

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When a deputy arrived, he could see employees trying to clean up "food scattered all over the floor of the restaurant" and "a large crowd of people standing around tables and the counter where food orders take place," the report said.

Witnesses said the store "erupted into total chaos" during the manager's "disorderly and violent behavior," the report said.

Several witnesses said the restaurant manager "initiated the violence" and attacked the teen and other people "because of his obvious frustrations with the group's dissatisfaction in customer service," the report said.

People in the restaurant told the deputy that Morgan attacked the teen because the 15-year-old confronted him "about the way he had spoken to his mother at the counter."

The teen had a scratch and swelling around one of his eyes, according to the report.

Another woman told authorities that she was attacked with a closed fist "during the manager's fit of rage."

The deputy said one of the woman's cheeks was swollen and her neck and throat were red.

The store's owner gave police Morgan's home address in Hamilton County and he was arrested Monday morning.

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