Hurricane Irma: Birds typically from Caribbean found in rough shape in Northeast Florida

With the waves and wind from Hurricane Irma, and more rough conditions from the recent nor'easter, BEAKS founder Cindy Mosling said they've taken in dozens of birds.

“Probably about 100 or more birds have come in,” Mosling said.

She said many of them, like Sooty Terns, were in rough shape.

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“They’re tired, starving, worn out, exhausted and caught in the surf,” Mosling said.

She said these birds are rarely seen flying around northeast Florida.

“We never get them unless there’s a storm,” she said

She said they’re usually found closer to the Florida Keys.

“And out toward the Bahamas in the Caribbean area, they often get blown in and it does say once they get well, they go back home,” Mosling said.

She said a handful of birds will likely be released Thursday because they’re finally strong enough to fly.

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