First sexually transmitted Zika case reported in 2017

Florida has its first sexually transmitted Zika virus case reported in 2017, according to a spokesperson with the Florida Department of Health. 

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The confirmed case involves a person in Pinellas County, officials said.

The person has not traveled recently, but the person's partner recently traveled to Cuba and later tested positive for Zika, officials said.

There is no evidence of transmission through mosquitoes taking place anywhere in Florida, officials said.

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There have been 118 Zika virus cases reported in Florida, officials said. Of those cases, 90 are travel related; six involve people who were infected with Zika in 2016, but tested positive in 2017; 22 were undetermined exposed and 81 are pregnant women whose lab test results were positive for Zika.

Officials said it’s important for anyone who travels to an area overseas with the Zika virus should prevent mosquito bites for at least three weeks after they return home.

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