Woman terrified by python in bathroom, apartment tells her to file work order

A Georgia woman said she was terrified when she walked into her apartment bathroom and found a python slithering up the wall.

Gwendolyn Howard said it was even more frustrating when she called the apartment complex for help and was told to file a work order.

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Howard said she had to call animal services to have the snake removed.

Howard said the snake showed up in her bathroom at the Clifton Glen Apartment in Stone Mountain Monday morning.

"I walked in the bathroom, and it looked like an earthquake had hit it," she said.

Bottles of expensive perfume and candle holders were shattered, Howard explained.

"Then I looked to the left, and there's a huge python, slowly making its way up my wall, hanging from a Glade Plugin, and I was like, 'OK,' and I just backed up," Howard said. "It was definitely a scary experience."

Howard barricaded the bathroom door, then called police, firefighters, dispatch and her apartment complex.

"It was their after-hours number that offered to put in a work order, like it's a dishwasher, but I’m like this should have been a higher priority."

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A DeKalb County Animal Services officer removed the snake, and said it was likely a lost pet.

Ball pythons, which are not native to Georgia, are non-venomous and considered exotic animals.

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