6th grade teacher suspended, apologizes for profanity-laced homework assignment

A middle school teacher in metro Atlanta is apologizing to her students and their parents after the music teacher sent 6th graders home with an assignment filled with explicit lyrics.

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Parent Crishana Wright said she was outraged when she saw the assignment.

"She's not in my household. She doesn't know how we run things. So, to push something she feels is appropriate, I have a problem with that," Wright told WSB-TV.

DeKalb County schools also had a problem with the assignment.

They removed Bonnecia Williams from the classroom at Mary McLeud Bethune Middle School.

Williams has issued an apology to parents that reads:

"At no time should students be subjected to this type of language at impressionable ages. Regardless of my best intentions, I failed miserably. I should have used better judgment," she wrote.

The assignment featured lyrics from rapper Kodak Black from a song titled "Drownin."

Students were tasked with taking expletive-laden, violent and sexually suggestive lyrics and coming up with something more positive.

"I saw that, and I was like, ‘My mom would be mad,’" daughter Kalani said.

"I probably would have asked, 'What were you thinking and don't  you think that's something you should have gotten permission for?' She shouldn't have handed it out anyway," Wright said.

The DeKalb County Schools superintendent weighed in, calling the assignment inappropriate, unacceptable and contrary to the district's standards.

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Williams continued in her apology letter:

"I know this letter alone will not erase the pain that I have caused. I will make sure this does not happen again. I accept full responsibility for my actions," she said.

"I hate that she is no longer there, or whatever the case may be, but you're dealing with children's minds and you have to be cautious," Wright said.

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