Want to get away with breaking into your former HS? Don't Snapchat it

Two former students are accused of breaking into a local high school, tossing chairs, and even jumping on cars.

And get this: Police say they recorded the crimes on their own Snapchat.

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Anyone who follows the teens on Snapchat could watch the pair inside Lassiter High School, where they’d allegedly snuck into poke holes in the gym’s ceiling, take food out of the school’s freezer, steal forms from the office, and mugging for the camera up on the roof.

Minutes later, with fire extinguishers from the school, video shows them blasting patrons on the patio of one East Cobb restaurant, then seconds later, to those eating at the Marlows Tavern across the street.

“It took a couple of minutes for it to finally clear out," restaurant worker Addison Phelps said. "Two people’s food got completely ruined."

Phelps told WSBTV's Ross Cavitt it barely took a couple of minutes to figure out who was responsible.

A relative of one of the restaurant's workers watched the incident unfold on Snapchat and called in girls on the patio that had recognized the other suspect as a recent Lassiter High School graduate.

Police got the video, and soon arrested Christopher Gonzalez and Gary Higginbothan, charging them with five felonies and four misdemeanors.

The video, in the meantime, was spreading.

"I added the one guy on Snapchat and we saw his whole story; there was more than just the fire extinguishers too," Phelps said.

That included the jaunt inside the high school, and the grand finale where the pair found an unoccupied Cobb County police car nearby -- all broadcast on Snapchat.

“Honestly, that's pure idiocracy to me," Phelps said.

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