Caught on camera: Motorcyclist held at gunpoint by deputy during traffic stop

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

VIDEO: Detective Held Motorcyclist At Gunpoint During Traffic Stop

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A motorcyclist said he was was stopped at a traffic light when a King County, Washington, detective approached him on foot with a gun.

The incident happened on 145th and Fifth between Shoreline and Seattle and was caught on the motorcyclist’s helmet camera.

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During the encounter, the detective, who didn’t show a badge or identify himself, asked to see the motorcyclist’s ID, the motorcyclist said.

The video then shows the detective pulling the motorcyclist’s wallet out of his pocket.

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The deputy told the motorcyclist he was driving recklessly and putting others in danger.

KIRO-TV showed the video to King County Sheriff John Urquhart. As soon as he saw that video, Urquhart suspended the detective, and he called the motorcyclist to apologize.

>> Click here to watch the full video (WARNING: Linked video contains profanity.)

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