Americana clean-up money approved by Monroe

9:25 a.m. Friday, May 19, 2017 Community News
Monroe City Council has approved $600,000 that will cover expenses as part of clean-up at the former Americana amusement park. NICK GRAHAM/STAFF

Monroe City Council recently approved a supplemental budget appropriation that included an increase in funding for various expenses for the former Americana Amusement Park.

Council approved $600,000 that will cover expenses including property clean-up, storage, security and park design.

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City Manager Bill Brock said the funding would be used for to develop a master plan and the engineering design for the road leading into the park and parking areas in conjunction with Butler Tech.

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Brock said the city would be meeting with Butler Tech officials to work out a shared parking arrangement at the park.

He said city workers have been at the park doing property clean-up focusing on vegetation removal and assessing the structural integrity of the buildings. Brock said he expects to have the park’s water tower and the old skyride structures to be taken down. He said the city is trying to determine what to do with the former swimming pool.

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Brock said the city is still working with Jerry Couch and his attorney to complete everything needed to close on the property.