What’s happening with Hamilton superintendent Tony Orr, who remains on leave?

Time continues to pass with no explanation as to why the leader of Hamilton schools was ordered to vacate his office.

Superintendent Tony Orr has now been on leave – ordered by the Hamilton Board of Education – for three weeks.

Nothing is listed on the board’s agenda for tonight’s meeting that addresses the status of Orr.

Beyond an initial public statement on Feb. 6 issued by the school board about Orr’s being placed on paid administrative leave for “is investigating allegations that Orr may have violated board policies” the board has revealed nothing.

This news outlet obtained public documents earlier this month revealing an internal board notice sent to Orr that cited a “pending investigation into allegations of misconduct.”

Orr has declined to comment beyond his initial and only public statement to date in which he said he was “unaware of what the allegation is, (and) I am confident that I will be exonerated at the conclusion of this investigation.”

The superintendent has also been ordered to stay off school property and to not have contact with any district employees or students.

Since the Feb. 5 surprise announcement by the board, members have reiterated the alleged violations do not involve Hamilton School students.

Hamilton Police have repeatedly reported to this news outlet that there are no investigations involving Orr.

When asked about when the board’s independent investigation – conducted through the school district’s law firm – will be completed, School Board President Steve Isgro has declined to comment.

Fellow board member Tom Alf replied – when asked if tonight’s meeting might produce some information on Orr’s status – “we haven’t received or anticipate any updates from our board attorney before our meeting.”

This news organization will be at the board’s 7 p.m. meeting at Hamilton Schools’ Central Office at 533 Dayton St.

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