Local company’s invention changing how businesses meet, share info

A Warren County company is unveiling its groundbreaking new technology in Las Vegas this week during Infocomm 2018, the largest show of audiovisual technology in the United States.

Layer Logic’s CoreTouch intelligent appliance allows companies to connect up to four laptops or video sources and control them on a touchscreen at the same time no matter what the operating system.

That maximizes the potential of shared conference or "huddle rooms," where employees can present ideas and collaborate on solutions during meetings and brainstorming sessions, according to Layer Logic CEO Richard Reiss.

CoreTouch also eliminates common meeting problems such as swapping out devices, finding the remote, downloading software or changing inputs on a display. Employees simply plug in to the slim, lightweight device and start sharing.

“What most people want to do when they go into a meeting is … bring their information and they want to share it on a display,” Reiss.

But that has become very cumbersome, he said.

“The problem is … how to we all plug in and start our meeting instantly? There’s more time wasted with people trying to set up to show their information to start a meeting and this solves that problem,” Reiss said.

Being able to plug one’s own laptop means adding a layer of familiarity that’s missing when people are forced to rely on a device that is not their own, according to Justin Rich, Layer Logic’s vice president of product development.

“You understand where everything is, you understand if I open up my file explorer exactly where the files are to go find them,” Rich said. “A big thing is in a presentation mode … in a shared setting, I don’t want to be embarrassed in front of my colleagues, I want to be confident in what I’m about to show.”

Founded in January 2016, Layer Logic firm, hired its principal as well as the engineering team that had has been working on CoreTouch for several years.

The company worked for the past two years to not only allow CoreTouch to be used across all platforms on any touch or interactive display, but also shrunk it from a bulky set of hardware that needed to be wheeled into a room on a cart to a portable appliance that weighs just 17 ounces and measures approximately 4-inches-by-5-inches-by-1.5-inch.

Slimming the device also allows the company to slash its price tag from $100,000 to $3,000, making it a decidedly more viable option for the more than 32 million mini spaces or “huddle rooms” worldwide.

Reiss said CoreTouch’s ability to not only easily view data, but also modify it via touchscreen, is not only “revolutionary” but disruptive, in that it’s poised to change the way people do business.

While this is his fourth start up, it is the first one to create a product, Reiss said.

“When you’re creating something new, even though you’re solving a problem, you have to evangelize it,” he said. “You have to do a lot of missionary work to try to explain it to some organizations. They know they have a problem, but you have to define the problem for them.”

Layer Logic is doing that this week for tens of thousands of people at the Innovations Showcase at Infocomm 2018 in Las Vegas. The company was just one of seven to be selected for the showcase out of hundreds of other companies that have their technology on display.

One of the reasons Layer Logic enjoys having its offices inside Mason Tech Elevator’s third campus is because there are other small tech firms in the building that also are growing, he said.

Layer Logic, which employs 12 people, expects to hire another eight before year’s end, Reiss said. Its first run of 200 CoreTouch units will be followed by an additional 1,000 units, he said.

Across the hall at the Mason Tech Elevator campus is Genetisis, a medical device company that uses CoreTouch’s swipe-and-share functionality to allow the company to interact and collaborate on a whole new level. That means team members switching from fullscreen to quadview to review, explain and manipulate various material together in real time.

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