Large Middletown police response follows armed man’s refusal to leave after domestic situation, eviction

Middletown police were at a house on Baltimore Street this morning trying to get an armed man to leave after an eviction that started with a domestic incident, according to Police Chief David Birk.

The man was evicted from the residence in the 600 block of Baltimore, but he returned and the property manager called for help, Birk said. The chief said the man had been involved in a previous domestic dispute and was evicted from the property by the landlord.

But the man returned to the property today with a gun and made threats to shoot people, Birk said. That’s when officers responded. The man surrendered after about 45 minutes and was taken into custody.

Birk said earlier today there were weapons in the house, but the man had not made threats. But an investigation now indicates threats were made and the man was armed when arrested.

Several police vehicles surrounded the house, and officials urged the man via loud speaker to come out.

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