Kings Island will make changes to stage BIGGER shows by the fountain, Eiffel Tower

Kings Island’s iconic international themed entry is getting its first facelift since the park opened more than 45 years ago.

Guests entering the front gates this spring will experience International Street like never before thanks to the complete makeover.

No element of the street will be left untouched as crews update the Royal Fountain, install more than 130,000 new pavers, improve each building facade and enhance the landscaping.

The renovation is aimed at reminding guests of what Kings Island looked like when the amusement park opened in 1972, even giving them the ability to get closer to the fountain than ever before.

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Technology upgrades to the Royal Fountain will allow for choreographed daytime and nighttime shows featuring water that shoots 50 percent higher into the air, and the ability to individually control each of the fountain’s new 112 nozzles and 176 LED lights.

An expanded bandstand stage in front of the Eiffel Tower will allow for bigger celebrations and performances.

“For many of our guests, visiting Kings Island and seeing the Eiffel Tower and Royal Fountain for the first time was a moment they’ll never forget,” said General Manager Mike Koontz. “This season they’ll discover the magic of International Street again, spending more time there than they have in a long time.”

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Kings Island is delving into its storied past for new attractions this coming season, as well as renovations to long-time favorites. It announced the return of its popular antique car ride, which will known as Kings Mills Antique Autos. Also happening this off-season are a series of upgrades that will smooth out the ride of iconic wooden coaster The Racer, which has been a park favorite since 1972.

To fill more than 5,000 seasonal positions at the park, Kings Island will hold its first job fair of the year from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. The park is hiring in all areas including admissions, entertainment, food and beverage, games, guest services, human resources, lifeguards, merchandise, park services, rides, security and warehouse.

Individuals 16 or older are encouraged to apply online in advance at, then attend the job fair for an interview.

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