Journal-News to stop publication of Dilbert comic

As of Feb. 28, 2023, the Journal-News will no longer run the Dilbert comic. We are removing the strip from our pages due to racist comments made by Dilbert creator Scott Adams on his Internet program. We will be running other strips until we settle on a long-term replacement. Adams’s comments are directly opposed to the Journal-News and Cox First Media core values, which focus on solutions-focused journalism and equity. We are proud to champion a variety of voices and perspectives, but we do not tolerate, condone or financially support hate speech. You can reach Editor Mandy Gambrell by email:


What is going on with the Dilbert comic?

The Journal-News is discontinuing the Dilbert comic effective Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023.

Why are you discontinuing the Dilbert comic?

Dilbert creator Scott Adams made several racist remarks on his YouTube show. In the Feb. 22, 2023 episode of his YouTube show, Adams described people who are Black as members of “a hate group” from which white people should “get away.” Various media publishers across the U.S. denounced the comments as racist, hateful and discriminatory while saying they would no longer provide a platform for his work. These comments are opposed to the core values of the Journal-News, which focuses on solutions journalism and a commitment to equity and inclusion in our communities.

What comic will replace the Dilbert comic?

We will run a rotation of comics in place of Dilbert until we decide on a long-term replacement.

Who can I contact directly about this decision?

You can reach out to Editor Mandy Gambrell by email:

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