How this Fairfield business owner is helping others with their health

Fairfield business owner Pam Campbell is embarking on the 20th year of Mother Earth being open, but her attempt to help others help themselves precedes her involvement with that business.

Her more than two decade journey started in 1998, when she co-owned her first store, Natural Earth & Herb in Hamilton. In 2000, she opened Mother Earth at 5158 Pleasant Ave. in Fairfield.

Campbell said she started that business because she felt “there was a need for more natural ways of healing.”

The business offers beauty and hair products along with vitamins, herbs, homeopathic remedies, books and information as well as some household products. It also offers yoga classes, massage therapy, energy healing, seminars and a dry heat, infrared sauna that detoxifies the body.

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Campbell, 65, said she has been educating herself and others on natural remedies and products since she was 32, when she had a hysterectomy and was put on synthetic hormones, which created a myriad of problems, one of which was migraine headaches.

That, she said, was the beginning of “a long journey” of learning to use food, vitamins, minerals, herbs and lifestyle changes to feed and heal the body.

“I’ve traveled all over to meet doctors and health practitioners of all types,” she said. “There is certainly a time and place for conventional medicine, but people need to educate themselves and get to the root of what causes their problems, which can be physical, mental or spiritual, and make changes to correct them, such as lifestyle changes, supplementation or simply learning to relieve stress better.”

There haven’t been many challenges along the way for Mother Earth, but the past two years have seen Amazon encroach on the store’s product sales.

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Campbell said the biggest misconception about the business is that it is like other health food stores. She said dispelling that notion is easy.

“I don’t have to say anything,” she said. “As soon as they walk into my store they know we are different.”

The business employs one other person besides Campbell and customers often come in and “just hang out.”

Campbell said she is looking forward to a planned Nov. 2 seminar on children, one that includes parenting columnist Dr. John Rosemond, world-renowned herbalist Dr. Cass Ingram (known as “Dr. Oregano”), child nutritionist Dr. Judy Gray and others.

“We are destroying a nation of children and nobody is paying attention to what is happening,” she said.

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