Good Samaritan returns wallet with $4,000 cash inside

On Friday morning, a Plainville, Massachusetts, man lost his wallet, which contained $4,000 in cash, but by a stroke of luck, had it returned to him by a very conscientious woman.

Stephen Pomfred, 54, who has worked as a plasterer for 28 years, began his day like any other. After depositing a few business receipts at the bank, he drove off in his vehicle to a job in Boston, thinking his wallet was with him.

However, as he got into his vehicle, he never noticed his wallet had fallen out of his pocket and landed on the runner of the truck. As he sped into Route 1A, the wallet flew away.

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When he arrived at the job, he soon realized his wallet was nowhere to be seen, despite searching all over his truck and house for it.

"It got to the point where you start looking in the same place twice... that's how bad it got," Pomfred said. "It was all my IDs, my credit cards, and it's going through my head, ‘Now I gotta cancel everything out.'"

After almost an hour of searching, Pomfred gave up, yet he didn't want to alert the police in case someone had found it.

Luckily, someone had already found the wallet.

"I was in the process of calling the police station and this truck pulls up, and she says, 'Is your name Steve?' and I say, 'Yes.' She says, 'I found your wallet,'" Pomfred told WFXT.

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The woman, identified as Patricia Santos, of Foxboro, refused to accept a reward.

But returning the wallet to its rightful owner was only half of Santos' efforts. As the wallet flew from Pomford's vehicle onto the road, its contents were scattered all over Route 1A.

Santos pulled over and got out of her car after she saw cash, coins and credit cards flying everywhere. She then spent the next 10 minutes collecting everything and then returned it all.

"This is a miracle – an absolute miracle," Pomfred said.

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