Hamilton parking fines now payable online

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

Parking violators in Hamilton can now pay their fines online instead of paying in person.

This new feature allows anyone to pay the fine ― which is $10 if paid within 48 hours ― through a QR code or directly on the city’s website. A QR code will now be included on each parking ticket issued.

The current parking rate at metered spots around Hamilton is $1 per hour, and meters can be fed via coins, a credit card, or the Passport Parking app, which is listed directly on meters.

Users will be directed to the Hamilton website for payment by scanning the code using a smartphone. Or residents and visitors can go directly to the city’s Parking Ticket webpage.

The introduction of online payment options will save time, offer flexibility, and help avoid late fees.

“Contrary to what some might think, the city doesn’t make money from parking enforcement,” said Scott Hoover, Traffic Operations manager. “It’s done to help the small businesses in the area. These businesses rely on regular turnover and convenient parking for their customers.”

The cost per hour and ticket fines are intentionally kept low, he said, and the city spends more on staff and maintenance costs than it does on collecting parking revenue.

The city of Hamilton recently added new parking meters along the historic Main Street business district. Mallory Greenham, assistant to the City Manager, said these districts are always trying to find a balance between customer convenience, having available parking, customer experience, and having to pay to park.

“The historic areas of Hamilton may not have big parking lots like suburban shopping centers, but they offer an authentic experience with unique shops and restaurants in our increasingly lively urban core,” she said. “This experience would be lost if more historic buildings were replaced with larger parking lots.”

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