Grammy-nominated piano performer to bring live virtual concert to Fairfield

Grammy-nominated songwriter and piano performer Jim Brickman will perform a live virtual concert, “Comfort & Joy at Home 2020,” on Dec. 17 that will help support the Fairfield Community Arts Center.

The interactive concert experience from the comfort of home in Fairfield and across the Southwest Ohio region, while supporting the Fairfield Community Arts Center during this challenging time. Tickets are available exclusively at

“Audiences can sing along and clap along. Jim Brickman is a great storyteller. This is a great event for the Fairfield Community Arts Center, and we are excited to be able to have him for this special concert event,” said David Sheldrick, marketing specialist, City of Fairfield.

Brickman, a Cleveland-area native, jumped from a career as a jingle writer of famous tunes for advertising to reviving the romantic standard of the popular song. His first album release was No Words in 1995, and he has sold eight million albums worldwide.

“Part of this experience is to support local theaters, and a portion of the proceeds go to support the Fairfield Community Arts Center,” Brickman said. “Not only to do that, but to have them be able to offer something during this time when they’re not able to.

“So, it keeps the Fairfield Community Arts Center in people’s minds, locally, and because I’m from Ohio, I have a near and dear to my heart kind of feeling when it comes to any of the cities that I play in Ohio.”

Missing his friends and family brought Brickman back to the Cleveland area a few years ago. Even when he lived in California, Brickman said he maintained a staff in Cleveland, because he appreciates the Midwest work ethic.

Brickman grew up in Shaker Heights, a suburb of Cleveland, and lives in the Little Italy area. He also has a residence in New York City, where he spends about a week a month, or more.

“Growing up, I spent my whole life here, until I was about 25,” he said. “When you grow up in Ohio, Christmas is always different, certainly than it was in California, because a lot of times it’s snowing. We used to go sledding, every Christmas day, in the morning, and music was always a big part of our household.

“So, I think there’s a Midwest sensibility about being from Ohio and just the genuine family connections and that Midwest spirit. Of course, I play all over the world, but my whole point of view about my life and Christmas time is all about growing up in Cleveland,” Brickman said.

Brickman has produced 22 No. 1 albums and 33 Top 20 radio singles in Billboard Magazine. He has garnered two Grammy nominations. He also has a music scholarship named for him by his alma mater, Cleveland Institute of Music.

“He puts on music that people love to hear and sing along. He’s a bestselling author, he’s done television specials and podcasts. You get a little bit of everything with Jim Brickman. It’s beautiful music, stories, songs, and he tells great stories that will make you laugh. The evening will be a great time and it will put you in the holiday spirit,” Sheldrick said.

How to go

What: Jim Brickman will present a live virtual concert, “Comfort & Joy at Home 2020”

When: Thursday, December 17 at 8 p.m.

Cost: Live Virtual concert tickets are $40. The deadline for the $40 ticket package is Wednesday, Dec. 16. Tickets will be sold exclusively at Other VIP ticket packages are available for $75 and $125. A portion of the proceeds will go toward supporting the Fairfield Community Arts Center.

More info.: Visit and

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