Ted Cruz Twitter porn ‘like’ removed after mysterious posting



Confused on why you woke up Tuesday morning to see U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz plastered across Twitter? Maybe Cruz was, too.

A pornographic video was "liked" by the Texas senator's Twitter account Monday night, according to Politico.

Early Tuesday morning, Cruz’s senior communications adviser took to Twitter to address the issue.

"Liking" someone else's tweet from a Twitter account results from clicking the heart icon on the tweet. Once clicked, a tweet will appear under a list of tweets an account "likes." It appears that Cruz's account no longer "likes" the tweet in question, though the original pornographic tweet still exists.

The tweet also lives on through screenshots and memes made from said screenshots. This morning, Cruz was the top trending topic on Twitter, with more than 300,000 tweets mentioning his name.

The account that posted the graphic video has since changed its Twitter bio to read, “Follow for the same porn @TedCruz watches,” and tweeted saying, “Thanks for watching Ted!”

Here is a sampling of what people were saying on Twitter Tuesday:

The incident also drew commentary from Cruz's former college roommate, Craig Mazin, who has been known to publicly express his dislike of the senator.

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