First tenant signs long-term lease for portion of Middletown distribution center

A building constructed in Middletown without tenants yet planned did not stay vacant for long.

CBRE Cincinnati Industrial said last week it leased a 250,000-square-foot portion of the 613,000-square-foot 75 Logistics Center, just north of intersection of Yankee and Todhunter roads.

Michelle Goret, Cintas Corp. vice president of corporate affairs, told the Journal-News that its fast-growing first aid and safety business has outgrown its space at a Mason-based facility.

Cintas provides products and services such as corporate uniforms, floor mats, facility services, restroom cleaning and supplies, fire protection products and services and first aid and safety products, she said.

Goret said the first aid/safety products and training business needed more space so that it could install automated technology.

She said the current first aid and safety business employees in Mason will be given the opportunity transfer to the new Middletown location. There won’t be more jobs added.

Goret declined to say how many employees currently work in the first aid and safety business or how many employees would transfer to the Middletown location.

“Cintas is committed to being a good corporate citizen and I can assure you that will continue in Middletown," Goret said.

Chris Xeil Lyons, Middletown economic development director, said Cintas signed a 10-year lease.

“It made me happy to see their long-term commitment to the community,” Lyons said. “I’m proud to welcome a first-class employer to the community.”

She said it will be the first tenant in the massive speculative building constructed by The Opus Group and Founders Properties LLC. The project was completed in May 2019.

In April 2017, Middletown City Council approved a 15-year, 100% tax abatement on the $16 million project. Under the terms of the tax abatement agreement with Opus, Lyons said Cintas will have to state how many employees will be working there.

“You take a chance when you build a spec building and this one wasn’t vacant very long,” Lyons said.

Lyons said there is more than 357,000 square feet available for lease at the 75 Logistics Center and that Opus has told the city that there are additional prospects to lease the rest of the building.

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