Family of Kyle Plush storms out of Cincinnati council meeting

The family of Kyle Jacob Plush, the Cincinnati teen who suffocated in a van last week after calling 911 twice, stormed out of a council meeting Tuesday evening.

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Plush, 16, was found dead by his father on April 10, about six hours after he made the first 911 callaccording to WCPO in Cincinnati. A preliminary autopsy report indicated that he died of asphyxia due to compression of his chest.

Plush's family sat through five hours of testimony during a Cincinnati City Council special meeting, WCPO reported. The teen's death has been ruled accidental.

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During closing statements, councilman Wendell Young implied the family may seek financial compensation for the teen’s death, saying, “there’s no amount of money that’s going to make you happy.”

“It’s not about the money,” Ron Plush, the teen’s father, yelled from the crowd.

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Young continued to talk, replying “I believe that. There’s no amount of blame that is going to make this …”

Ron Plush’s brother, Robert, angrily stood up.

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“That’s the most insensitive thing I’ve ever heard,” he shouted. “You guys were doing great until this guy started talking. I’m sorry, you’ve crossed the line. You have crossed the line.”

The family then left the meeting.

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