Teacher caught on camera shaking, shoving students

Parents want answers from school officials in Detroit after a video captured a substitute teacher becoming physical with third-grade students.

The incidents took place Friday at Mackenzie Elementary-Middle School, according to sources who provided the video to WJBK. In the video, a male substitute teacher can be seen outside the classroom shaking a male student by the shoulders. In a second incident, the teacher shoves back a female student to prevent her from entering the classroom.

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When WJBK showed parents the video, they were outraged.

According to what sources told WJBK, the third-grade class assigned to the substitute teacher hasn't had a permanent teacher in months and the students can be difficult to manage.

School officials have not released a public statement about the incidents, and it is not known if the teacher faces disciplinary actions, according to WJBK.

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