Domino's employee walks to deliver pizza after car breaks down

Domino's Pizza.
Domino's Pizza.

Credit: NurPhoto

Credit: NurPhoto

His car broke down, but a delivery driver in Michigan was determined to get pizzas and a liter of soda to the woman who ordered them.

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Benjamin Houston, who works at Domino's in Flint, Michigan, abandoned his car and walked to deliver the pizzas and soda to customer Ashley Schafer, WJRT reported. Schafer was so impressed by Houston's diligence that she started a GoFundMe page for the driver to get his Chevrolet HHR fixed. So far, $3,000 has been raised, WJRT reported.

Schafer said that her “faith in humanity was restored all because of pizza.”

“It might seem silly,” Schafer wrote, “but in a world that right now feels tumultuous and full of hate, and in a city where itself and its people are constantly put down, there was this bright light that was Ben.”

On the night of July 15, Schafer ordered three pizzas and a liter of soda for herself and two daughters.

“My husband is third shift so sometimes we have dinner for breakfast and all eat together,” Schafer said. “This night I decided to order the pizza to have it for the morning.”

Schafer checked the app on her phone and saw the pizza had left the store at 11:24 p.m. After an hour, the pizza had still not been delivered, she said.

Finally, she heard a knock on her door. But it was the Domino’s assistant manager telling her the delivery driver’s car had broken down. He was concerned about Houston, who is deaf, WJRT reported.

“I told him I wasn’t worried about the pizza. Go find Ben,” she said. “It was 12:30 in the morning and being a delivery driver can be dangerous as it is.”

After waiting for a co-worker, Houston decided to walk the half-mile to Schafer’s house.

“I don’t like sitting in a car doing nothing for so long,” Houston told CNN. “Even though the area where I live is not safe for people to walk, especially a deaf person.”

More than two hours after Schafer had placed the order, Houston showed up at her house.

He apologized for the delay, and Schafer tipped him $20, WJRT reported. Then she started the GoFundMe account.

Houston called Schafer a “blessing.”

“I appreciated that she set up GoFundMe so I can fix the car and don’t have to ever worry about it again for a while,” he told WJRT.

In the past 24 hours, donations have skyrocketed for a pizza delivery driver who went above and beyond to get a Mid-Michigan woman her pizza. 🍕

Posted by ABC12: Your Trusted Source! WJRT-TV on Friday, August 4, 2017

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