Toxicology report: Terence Crutcher had PCP in system during deadly confrontation with Tulsa police

Authorities on Tuesday released a toxicology report that shows Terence Crutcher had two types of drugs in his system when he was fatally shot by a Tulsa, Oklahoma, police officer last month.

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Crutcher, 40, was unarmed and dashcam footage showed he had his hands in the air before he was killed on Sept. 16 by Officer Betty Shelby. Shelby has since been charged with first-degree manslaughter in his death. She has pleaded not guilty.

According to a report from the Medical Examiner's Office, Crutcher died of gunshot wound to the chest. A toxicology report showed Crutcher had in his system Phencyclidine, also known as PCP. The drug can cause hallucinations and aggressive behavior.

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Crutcher also tested positive for Tenocyclidine, a hallucinogenic drug similar to -- but often stronger than -- PCP.

Crutcher's death sparked protests amid a broader conversation about police violence and race. Shelby is white and Crutcher was black.

Shelby and her attorneys say she feared for her life before firing the shots. Prosecutors say she acted unreasonably when she fired.

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