Thousands of college email accounts hacked

The FBI is warning colleges and universities about cybersecurity concerns for student email accounts.

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Jonathan Powell was arrested this week, accused of hacking into more than 2,000 emails at two universities and accessing student directories and log-in information at 75 other schools.

Authorities say he used password reset tools, stealing students' personal information, specifically searching for embarrassing photos.

"That is actually terrifying and I feel like I should change my password right now," Georgetown Law student Shanaye Williams said.

The hacking did not stop at email accounts.

It also targeted Apple iCloud, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yahoo! Accounts.

The FBI is encouraging universities to take greater protection measures.

"This case should serve as a wakeup call for universities and educational institutions around the country," Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in statement. "There is no greater threat to our security and personal privacy than the cyber threat, and hackers must be identified, stopped and punished."

The FBI's Office of Complex Frauds and Cybercrime Unit is prosecuting the case.

Powell is charged with one count of fraud in connection with computers, which could land him a five-year prison sentence.