Surveillance video catches men trying to break into home

Police are investigating an attempted break-in over the weekend that left an Atlanta homeowner and her neighborhood on edge.

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Courtney Jewell said her home has been burglarized twice before. She told WSB-TV that the fear is the worst feeling, and she does not want it to happen to her neighbors.

"I felt really defeated," Jewell said as she watched surveillance video taken on her front porch of two men who tried to break in on Sunday.

Jewell was at work when she got an alert on her phone from her security system.

"When I saw the video I was just horrified. I didn’t even know what I was going to walk into when I came home," Jewell said.

The video shows a person knocking on the door of the house, then waiting. A car then pulls up and a man gets out.

"And the taller one tried to kick in my door twice," Jewell said. "He had a screwdriver in his pocket that he pulled up, and he tried to pry open my front window with a screwdriver."

The men left after they were unable to get into the house.

Jewell said neighbors told her that they had seen one of the men knocking on other doors and even asking someone for a gas can.

"I was really comforted and really touched by everybody reaching out to me, even directly giving me their cellphone numbers," Jewell said.

She said she hopes her neighbors are on the lookout in case the would-be robbers return.

"I was just hoping to make everybody aware. It’s the holiday season," Jewell said.

Some neighbors posted on that they saw the occupants of the car possibly casing the area.

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