Police haul 8-year-old out of school, issue restraining order against him

An 8-year-old Missouri boy was removed from his third-grade class Thursday and was issued a restraining order.

Peyton Whitehead was served with an ex parte order of protection, which requires him to stay 1,000 feet away from the children who live a couple of doors away from him, according to KMOV.

The neighbor who filed the court order said he was surprised that the judge signed off on the order against the boy, but he also said he took action because of threats that Peyton made against his children.

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Peyton's mother said she is now forced to homeschool her son, who has a learning disability, until a court appearance on Sept. 20.

She said police told her that if her child violated the order, they'd be forced to take him into custody and place him in a juvenile detention facility.

Both sets of parents said they have been feuding in recent months.

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