Man accused of pulling gun on kids he said vandalized Trump sign

A man in a Detroit suburb is in jail after being accused of pulling a gun on six children  he suspected had destroyed his yard sign supporting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The News-Herald reported that Michael Robert Kubek is facing seven felony counts charging him with pointing a gun at the children he believed had destroyed his Donald Trump yard sign.

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Kubek called police Oct. 28 to report the group of children, ranging in age from 12 to 14, had hit his Trump sign and ran down the street.

Police did not find Kubek at his home when they arrived, but Kubek was found cursing and yelling at the children at a corner of the road.

Allen Park police Detective Lt. Dave Williams told the Detroit Free Press there was no gun out when he arrived after 8 p.m., but the children told officers Kubek had pointed a gun at them.

Officers sent Kubek back to his home while they spoke to the children outside. At his home, Kubek showed officers an unloaded Sig Sauer 9mm P938.

"He said it was unloaded and still in the holster when pulled from his waist," Williams said.

When asked if he saw the children vandalize the sign, Kubek told police he did not. He also did not have security cameras that could be used for proof that they destroyed the sign.

Police said that Kubek then told them he did pull out the pistol and point it at the kids because he felt outnumbered, threatened and said he "wanted to scare the kids."

Kubek posted $5,000 bail. He was arraigned Tuesday and changed with one count of felony firearm possession and six counts of assault with a dangerous weapon. He has a probable cause hearing Dec. 5.