Lawyers huddle in Springboro boy’s drug case

Lawyers huddle in Springboro boy’s drug case

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A special hearing was scheduled in the case of a Springboro boy, 16, accused of selling drugs to as many as 30 area teens. His mother, a Springboro teacher, also faces charges in the case. The lawyers huddled privately, but no public hearing was held. STAFF/LAWRENCE BUDD

Warren County’s juvenile court judge met privately with lawyers Friday after scheduling a special hearing in the case of a Springboro boy accused of trafficking in LSD and other drugs to other Springboro youths.

His mother, a teacher, also faces charges related to the case.

Judge Joe Kirby called for the hearing Thursday, although the boy was not scheduled to return to court for several weeks.

However, there was no public hearing.

The boy, 16, of Springboro, is charged with trafficking in drugs and two counts of possession of controlled substances.

He appeared before a juvenile-court magistrate earlier this week on charges he purchased LSD on the Internet with Bitcoin, an online currency, she purchased for him. He was released from detention and into the custody of a relative.

On Friday, he and his mother waited in the juvenile court building while the lawyers and Kirby met over “discovery, ” the sharing of case information before trial.

Afterward, the boy’s lawyer, Kevin Hughes, said he was still lacking lab test results, reports from Springboro police and a list of witnesses.

The boy is accused of selling LSD, a hallucinogenic, and other drugs to as many as 30 other Springboro students.

On Thursday, his mother, Amy Panzeca, a long-time elementary school teacher in Springboro, was allowed to remain free, pending a hearing on Oct. 26 in Warren County Common Pleas Court.

Judge Donald Oda II met Thursday morning with the case lawyers in his chambers, but there was no public hearing in Warren County Common Pleas Court.

Panzeca’s lawyer, Andrea Ostrowski, demanded the testimony of “any and all analysts” in anticipation of the hearing scheduled in Oda’s court in Lebanon.

Panzeca is accused of permitting drug abuse and child endangering. She is on leave from her job.

After Thursday’s hearing, Ostrowski met with Hughes.

The boy’s case was scheduled for another meeting with the lawyers and possible court hearing on Sept. 18.

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