Florida man accused of disguising 4.3 kilos of cocaine as candy, smuggling it into airport

A Miami man flying into Florida's Orlando International Airport last week was arrested on drug smuggling charges after authorities said they found 4.3 kilograms of cocaine hidden inside hard candy in his bag.

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Johnathan Edward Cromartie had just gotten off a flight from Montego Bay, Jamaica, when U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents became suspicious and sent him on to a more in-depth examination, a federal criminal complaint said.

An X-ray of Cromartie's bag uncovered a large bag inside his luggage containing dried fish and six bags of what appeared to be hard candy, investigators said.

Cromartie told agents he had been asked by a co-worker to go to Montego Bay during a trip to Jamaica and pick up the fish and candy for him.

"According to Cromartie, (the co-worker) said he could not purchase those items in the United States," the complaint said.

When agents probed the hard candy, they found a "white powdery like substance" which tested positive for cocaine, court documents said.

Cromartie was arrested at the airport Wednesday and charged with importing controlled substances into the U.S.

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