Callers reported suspects with ‘armful of guns’ in sporting goods store break-in

Seconds after two suspects allegedly stole guns from a Madison Twp. sporting goods store Sunday morning, local law enforcement received 911 calls from witnesses.

One female caller told a dispatcher two men ran out of Roberson’s Sporting Goods, 6348 Germantown Rd., with “a handful” of long guns with scopes and that they were carrying flashlights. She said a black Saturn was waiting for the two men in the parking lot.

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“Oh God, there they are,” she told the dispatcher.

She then told the dispatcher her 6-year-old grandson was in the car, so she “took off” from the area.

Another caller, a man standing in a nearby parking lot, said he heard the alarm sounding, then he saw two men run away with an “armful of guns.”

He saw a black car , and the back license plate was covered with tape, he told the dispatcher.

“It has to be them,” he said.

He then said Middletown police officers had arrived at the store.

Three Middletown residents were captured Sunday and charged for their alleged involvement in the theft of multiple firearms, according to the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

John Johnson, 32, and Simuel Albin Jr., 25, were charged with theft, theft of firearms and breaking and entering, according to Middletown police. Natasha Harrison, 25, was charged with complicity to theft, complicity to breaking and entering and for four warrants, police said.

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