Butler County Sheriff’s Office promotes 7 to new positions

Retirements this year at the Butler County Sheriff’s Office have had a ripple effect of promotions after a series of competitive examinations, according to Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer.

This week, seven officers were promoted. They are: Steven Poff from deputy to sergeant, Brittney Meek from court services to deputy, Connie Rockey from deputy to detective, Joe Agnew from deputy to sergeant, Ed Tanner from sergeant to lieutenant, Greg Wargo from deputy to sergeant and Mike Nutt from sergeant to lieutenant.

Captain John Sons and Captain Lance Bunnell retired earlier this year, and Morgan Dallman and Rick Bucheit were promoted from lieutenant to captain.

The department employs approximately 450 employees, full and part time.

“When you have a change at or near the top it creates a significant ripple effect of promotions. When you have two in close proximity, like we just did with Captain Bunnell and Captain Sons, it doubles the effect. We also had two sergeants retire within months of the captains. In all, we will have promoted two captains, two lieutenants, four sergeants, one detective, and at least four deputies all near the end of this year. This is the largest number of promotions I can recall in a very long time, if not ever,” Dwyer said.

Promotion ceremonies were held Wednesday and attended by friends and family

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