Brock Turner expected to be released Sept. 2

The former Stanford University swimmer sentenced to six months in a California jail for the sexual assault of an unconscious woman on the Stanford University campus likely will not spend that much time behind bars.

The sentence of Brock Turner, 20, considered an Olympic swimming hopeful, has attracted media attention worldwide after the victim's letter to the court was published.

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Many people thought the sentence was too short. Numerous people wrote letters to the judge in support of Turner.

Others signed petitions asking that the judge who initially sentenced Turner to six months be recalled.

Turner, an Oakwood High School graduate, is incarcerated in the Elmwood Jail in Milpitas, California.

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Officials in California confirmed Thursday that Turner’s scheduled release date is Sept. 2, but referred additional questions about the sentence to court officials who handled the case.

We are working to reach court officials for more details.

Huffington Post also reported information about the sentencing on Thursday.

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