Boy hurt in March OVI crash involving RTA bus asks for prayers for younger brother

Two brothers injured in an OVI crash involving multiple vehicles and an RTA bus in Harrison Twp. are out of the hospital.

Day by day, 8-year-old Eric Caldwell is beating the odds, said his uncle, Middletown police K-9 handler Ryan Morgan.

“Eric is, he’s nothing short of a miracle. He’s up. He’s walking. He’s talking. You’re starting to see a lot of his personality come out,” Morgan told WLWT-TV in Cincinnati.

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Unfortunately, doctors for Eric’s 7-year-old brother, Emmanuel Caldwell, do not expect him to walk or talk again.

“Keep praying for my brother Emmanuel,” Eric said.

The family said it’s difficult to see Emmanuel struggle, but that they are holding out hope after seeing how far his brother Eric has come, WLWT reported.

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The boys were unrestrained in the back seat of a bronze 1988 Cadillac Deville driven by another family member, 39-year-old David L. Gregory, who remains hospitalized. They boys’ father, Eric E. Caldwell, 32, was in the passenger seat.

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