Batman thwarts would-be thief

A police officer dressed as Batman stopped a would-be thief in Texas on Saturday after the man attempted to nab four DVDs from a Walmart store, including the Lego Batman movie.

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"You cannot steal my movie," Forth Worth police Officer Damon Cole joked to KDFW. "Come on."

Cole was off-duty and dressed as Batman for a kids’ safety fair Saturday when he was alerted to a man who was attempting to shoplift four DVDs, KDFW reported.

“I stopped him as Batman,” Cole wrote in a tweet after the arrest. “He asked me for a selfie as Batman.”

Cole told KDFW that he travels the country in his off time, dressing up in superhero costumes and visiting sick children.

“I do that to give them inspiration and hope to keep fighting,” he told the news station.

In a tweet Monday, Cole wrote that Saturday marked the first time in his 17-year career that he’s arrested someone while dressed as Batman.

“I swear I can't make this stuff up,” he wrote.

Authorities gave the shoplifting suspect, who was not identified, a citation because the DVDs he attempted to nab were valued at less than $100, the Dallas Morning News reported.

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